The StevTon Leadership Development Series

StevTon can work with your business to develop and deliver a complete ”Leadership Development Series” of multiple StevTon workshops, conducted in sequence over a period of several weeks.  

StevTon will work with senior leaders to design THE specific selection of high-energy workshops uniquely suiting your Teams’ needs.    

Do three workshops.   Want more?   Do five, like the illustration of one client’s program at left.   Do them all for a complete curriculum to power-up leadership in your company!

When conducted together, in sequence, over a period of several weeks, the workshops create wonderful intellectual connections and synergies – as well as just-in-time “practical tactics” for supervisors trying to get their hands around the job.    With homework and reading assignments between sessions, learning deepens and intellectual discoveries occur (we call them “Ah-Ha Moments”), making the experience all the richer and more valuable.

Want to take it even farther?   Talk to StevTon about facilitating pre-training and post-training discussions between these supervisors and their managers, to set expectations and “checkpoint” development along the way.

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