Problem Solving

Problems, problems, problems…

They’re just part of Life…

They are certainly part of Business!

Successful individual contributors and leaders usually advance in their careers because of their ability to see and solve problems in their field.  

Successful companies are the ones who overcome obstacles that all companies face.    This quality allows them to reduce expenses, increase revenues, produce better products and all around more consistently satisfy – and – delight their customers.

In this highly experiential workshop, participants learm to “disassemble” the problem solving process and look at it as StevTon’s methodical Six-Step Problem Solving Process.    On each step, they’ll navigate through StevTon’s Signature Theory & Practice approach to learning.    First, they’ll examine the background and theory of each step to understand what makes that step so important.   Then, while all that theory is fresh in mind, they’ll practice performing that step on a meaningful, real-life problem scenario.  

As they work through this action-packed day, participants will work collaboratively with their colleagues and learn , not only from workshop materials, but from each others’ skills and experience.   They’ll develop skills and approaches allowing them to:

  • Understand everyday Problem Solving as a methodical Six-Step Process.
  • Set clear goals for solving problems – without fear of unintended consequences.
  • Clearly define a problem to ensure that the real problem – not just its symptoms – is being addressed.
  • Gather and analyze data to fully understand the behaviors and impacts of problem and identify its root causes.
  • Leverage both logic and intuition to creatively generate a variety of potential corrective actions.
  • Objectively evaluate options, deciding upon the best option and then successfully implementing the best option.
  • Follow-up the implementation with close evaluation to assess the effectiveness of the solution and avoid unintended consequences.
  • Understand that repeating this approach as a cyclical process constitutes Continuous Improvement – the secret of highly successful organizations.

SO…   What’s the Problem?   Why haven’t you signed up YOUR Team today?

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