Managing Multiple Priorities

 OK…   Let’s all admit it!

We’ve got TOO MUCH to do!                                                                …and “No Time” to do it!

So…  Let’s stop complaining and DO SOMETHING about it

…Like have StevTon bring its very popular Managing Multiple Priorities workshop yo YOUR workplace!

In this high-energy, full-day workshop, you’ll identify your own personal challenges – and strengths – and learn StevTon’s trademark “practical & tactical” approaches to enable you to:

  • Understand how we are currently using our strengths and discover ways to make them even more effective.
  • Recognize how we are impacted by our challenges and be introduced to tactics to “make the least of” them.
  • Effectively use time to manage our priorities – by leveraging Tools, Technology, Processes and People!
  • Develop ways to identify our REAL priorities and use them as the focus for our valuable time and energy. 
  • Learn how our need to effectively manage priorities extends beyond the workday and into our personal lives.

After all, we really can’t manage time… its all about SELF MANAGEMENT

Can’t afford the time away from the job for a full day workshop? 

Not to worry – also available in a half-day version!

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