Making the Transition to Supervisor & Leader

Many companies use success as an Individual Contributor (“Doer”) as a strong criteria for promotion to Supervisor, leading other Individual Contributors.    Studies have shown, however, that job performance as an Individual Contributor, by itself, does not ensure a smooth transition into the management and leadership ranks.

 A recent Harvard study indicates that as many as 75% of the nation’s current crop of supervisors have stalled in their transition to Supervisor.    When development stalls, it’s a “double whammy” for the business.   First, they’ve lost their best producer – by promotion.   Second, and even more important, the stalled Supervisor is likely to become dissatisfied and ultimately further impact the effectiveness of his/her team.

 SO…   What are we going to DO about it?   The best thing we can do is to confront the difficulty of the transition and give Supervisors some tools to help them navigate that “twisting transition path, with lots of turns and precipitous drop-offs”.

 That’s what THIS workshop is all about!   In the session Supervisors will confront issues like:

  • The need to stop DOING and start MANAGING.
  • Moving from just MANAGING to LEADING.
  • Winning approaches to Delegation and setting clear Expectations.
  • How to manage through the inevitable changes in relationships at work.
  • Strategies to navigate treacherous waters, like Rumors, Gossip and Confidentiality.
  • The “Art of Motivation” – the essence of effective leadership

 Sign up your new supervisors to ENSURE that they get off to the right start!    Sign up your seasoned supervisors to help them get “unstuck” and moving again toward successfully completing their transition!

 Want to take it to the NEXT LEVEL?   Ask about StevTon’s “Pre-session” and “Post-session” meetings with the Managers of these Supervisors – to engage these leaders as a support system for the transition!

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