Interpersonal Communications Skills

Many of us have taken “speech” class.    How many of us have taken courses in “listening”.    StevTon’s Interpersonal Communications Skills workshop looks at both sided of the communications process.

First, we’ll review an easy to understand communications model that helps explain how human beings communicate – and how different types of “noise” get in the way of effective communications.    We look at the importance of tone and inflection and all kinds of non-verbals in conveying meaning with the spoken message.

We look at the whole concept of listening and what’s getting in the way (often that “noise” we talked about) and develop some strategies to “make the least of” what’s preventing us from REALLY listening.

Participants will get theory on the latest thought on and research on human-to-human communications.   More importantly, each will get chance to put that theory into practice in a series of high-energy, compelling exercises sure to leave a mark that will be remembered back on the job!

Using the “LEADER approach”, participants will quickly recognize the VALUE of listening to understand before seeking to be understood.

Upon successful completion of this workshop, the participants will be able to:

  • Define the process of Effective Communications and understand potential barriers.
  • Develop strategies for making communication effective in the workplace.
  • Apply the fundamental principles of non-verbal and verbal communication to make our personal style preferences and tendencies most effective when communicating with others of similar or different styles.
  • Demonstrate active listening skills by creating effective communication responses in a wide range of situations.
  • Practice communication skills that demonstrate awareness, understanding and management of content and feeling in our messages.
  • Differentiating among aggressive, submissive, passive and assertive language in the work place.
  • Remaining in personal control when responding to emotional requests from customers and colleagues.

These skills are critically important to Leaders and Managers and anyone involved in Customer Service!

So…   Sign up your Team today.   You’ve got lots to talk about!!!

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