Decision Making

What should we DO?

What option should we pursue?

What’s the best choice?


That’s why we get paid the “Big Bucks”!  

Making Decisions…  It’s what we do!

So…   What’s the BIG DEAL?

Just DO IT!   Just DECIDE!

Well…   Often the very Success or Failure of our business depends on the quality of our decisions!  Often inaction or delay is the worst thing we can do!    And, unfortunately, there are no road signs directing us along the way.    That’s a HEAVY BURDEN for leaders to carry.   We have to get this right!

StevTon’s Decision Making workshop examines a wide array of theory around the concept of Decision Making.   In this highly experiential workshop you’ll:

  • Identify the IMPORTANT INGREDIENTS that go into decision making and how to make sure you’ve considered them all.
  • Uncover your own individual DECISION MAKING “STYLE”, the benefits and perils it brings and how to self-manage to optimize benefits and mitigate perils when the chips are down
  • Discover how TIME plays into effective decision making and how to leverage time to your benefit.
  • Understand how INACTION – failure to make any decision – can sometimes be worse than making the wrong decision.
  • Learn how to evaluate RISK in deciding how much time, effort and study to put into a given decision.
  • Be introduced to a collection of valuable “decision support tools” that will help remove the emotion and allow you to make an objective LOGICAL decision.
  • Discover the value of INTUITION when you are forced to make a timebound, critical decision.
  • Explore ways a leader can ENGAGE A TEAM in decision making, using different approaches – and highly useful tools and techniques – to getting the Team to decide.
  • Understand decision making PERILS FOR TEAMS – like The Abilene Paradox and GroupThink – and how to best avoid them.

Can’t decide what to do?    Give StevTon’s Decision Making workshop a try with YOUR Team!

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