Customer Service Leadership


Certainly can’t live without them!  

…But sometimes it’s difficult to live with them too!

StevTon’s Customer Service Leadership Workshop can HELP!

Participants in this workshop will be introduced to an array of winning customer service strategies – and tactics they can take back to the job and use the very next day!    They’ll explore: 

  • The need to provide excellent customer service – and what happens when we don’t. 
  • The importance of using a listening approach so that they first understand the customer before seeking to be understood.
  • Using problem-solving words & phrases effectively to handle challenging situations with customers – both internal and external.   
  • How to apply empathy appropriately with customers – to build rapport – and ultimately trust.
  • Ways to build customer loyalty by preventing problems – and, more importantly, correcting them to the customer’s satisfaction when they do occur!

After completing StevTon’s Customer Service Leadership Workshop, your employees will be

Customer Service Superstars…  

…and your Customers will be “DELIGHTED”!


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