Creativity & Innovation

Need to find a way to get YOUR Team “Thinking Outside The Box”?  

Well, StevTon’s Creativity and Innovation workshop is just the ticket!

This fun and insightful experience will help your Team see that they are ALREADY Creative, they just need to listen to their own ideas – and capture them before they skitter away!

They’ll explore some of the latest Creativity theory, as well as learn from the thoughts of the Masters, like DaVinci.    They’ll practice in exercises designed to help awaken everyone’s creative spirit and learn “practical and tactical” tips that they can use back on the job!

They’ll learn to move from Creative Thought to Realistic Innovation – by considering something of key importance to all businesses – RISK

Participants will work individually and in collaborative groups to:

  • Explore the nature of Creativity and understand how it can be alive in all of us.
  • Discover ways to create a fertile environment for creative thought.
  • Engage in a variety of unique exercises aimed at building skills that can awaken/enhance the creative spirit.
  • Develop thought processes that challenge traditional thinking and engage the “Whole Brain
  • Examine ways to stimulate thought – both individually and collaboratively
  • Develop and practice personal strategies to “Break the Thought Barrier” and become a more creative whole person
  • Understand how our tolerance for Risk determines how we move from “Creative” (the theoretical) to “Innovative” (the practical)
  • Learn ways to evaluate Risk against potential Benefits of pursuing a creative idea to innovation
  • Understand the value of Creativity & Innovation and how it can be useful to a business in practical ways to achieve its vision

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