Conflict Management & Resolution

Conflict – Can’t live with it…   Can’t live without it…  

These Chinese characters say it all…

This workshop examines the nature of Conflict as well as various approaches available for managing conflict. Participants will walk away with an understanding of five different approaches (“modes”) to manage conflict as well as understand their own personal tendency for using one mode.  Each participant will leave with new “tactical & practical” ideas and skills on how to effectively manage conflict.

This insightful session works to ensure participants…

  • Examine the nature of Conflict and how it can be a positive – as well as negative.
  • Learn the CHOICES (“modes”) available to us in responding to conflict.
  • Examine the “Ying and Yang” of conflict – The Issue and The Relationship.
  • Discover each participant’s own personal conflict handling mode tendency.
  • Understand the impact of Anger and Defensiveness in conflict situations.
  • Learn the importance of language in conflict; words to use – and words to avoid.
  • Discover the secrets to staying calm, courteous, confident, and motivated.
  • The art of effective communication during the conflict management process.

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