Conducting Effective Performance Evaluations

OH BOY!   It’s your favorite time of year!

Time to write Performance Evaluations for your Team!

Worse yet, time for you to have to review and approve the Performance Evaluations your Team writes for their direct reports!

Why can’t we get it right?   We have a whole YEAR to prepare and it seems like we’re always scurrying around at the last minute.   Then…   The documentation – better said…  What Documentation?

Let StevTon Help!   StevTon will will work with you to develop a high-energy workshop – built around YOUR COMPANY’S Performance Evaluation System – to help your Team strengthen its skills in this important area.  

This highly experiential approach to learning will help your Team more fairly evaluate employee performance, better motivating their staff and strengthening the company’s position in a challenge!

Here’s what your Team will do:

In this course, participants will identify best practices and core skills needed to develop and create effective Performance Evaluations for their direct reporting subordinates.  This course will give the supervisor the tools necessary to be successful in this key supervisory role. Topics include:

  • Learning to view writing Performance Evaluations as a year-long PROCESS rather than an annual event. 
  • Recognizing that the foundation of an effective Performance Evaluation is clarity between Supervisor and employee on GOALS, OBJECTIVES and EXPECTATIONS for the upcoming performance year.
  • Understanding that MONITORING (making/documenting observations and providing feedback) and DEVELOPING (coaching the employee on improving performance) provides the rich “raw material” that will make up the content of the end-of year Performance Evaluation.
  • Identifying the key factors that differentiate employee performance among the company’s rating categories.
  • Practicing realistic case studies and simulations that will simulate segments of the actual year-long Performance Evaluation PROCESS, giving participants the experience of actually completing portions of the PROCESS of rating the employee’s performance in the yearly Performance Evaluation.

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