Coaching UP

We’ve all been there…   “The Big Boss” is behaving in a way that is making you crazy…   or reducing his/her effectiveness…   or just stifling the Team.

You face the facts that “The Big Boss” needs to be coached…

Feeling intimidated by thoughts of coaching “The Big Boss”?

Not to worry…   You need to experience Stevton’s Coaching UP workshop

When coaching a boss, all the fundamental principles of Feedback and Coaching continue to apply.  

There are, however, additional considerations when coaching up that take into account the very different power currencies and relationship dynamics than when coaching a direct report.

Some Key elements include:

  • Conduct a QUICK OVERVIEW of Feedback and Coaching concepts, including:
    • Understand/practice Feedback
    • Differentiate between Feedback and Coaching
    • Understand/practice Coaching
  • Develop an understanding of how Feedback and Coaching can thrive in all directions – down, up and around – throughout the Organization
  • Develop and practice strategies to use Feedback and Coaching with Peers and Leaders to enhance organizational and individual performance
  • Understand “Power Currencies” and how they apply to Coaching Peers and Leaders
  • Develop and practice strategies to utilize Feedback and Coaching without position power
  • Develop and practice personal strategies to:
    • Encourage Peers and Leaders to be receptive to your feedback and coaching
    • Improve Peer/Leader Behaviors
    • Conduct Win-Win Coaching discussions 

Then you’ll be ready for Coaching UP!   

And you’ll be better for it…  

…and your Team will THANK YOU and, believe it or not, so will “The Big Boss”.

Then you’ll have a use for that coffee cup you saw at the office supply store!

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