Choosing to Lead

This high-energy workshop is designed for leaders at all levels to examine the meaning and impact of their decision to become a leader. They’ll explore what duties they perform at work every day, as well as the choices open to them around HOW they approach leading a wide range of employees.

The workshop takes a unique look at the needs of the employee in helping the leader decide what approach she/he will use to delegate and follow-up on work with that employee.   Taking off on traditional Situational Leadership theory, this workshop breaks employee needs into three key components:

Motivation   ♦   Ability   ♦   Confidence

Participants will learn how to adapt alternative approaches to a wide array of individuals and situations in any organization.

Participants will enjoy a mix of theory and practice in their journey through:

  • Understanding the shift in focus that must occur when a professional decides to become a leader.
  • Examining their your own current focus to ensure that the appropriate shifts are occurring to ensure success in their own transition to becoming an effective leader.
  • Learning to read and assess employee “needs” on a task-by-task basis – based on each individual employee’s level of Motivation, Ability and Confidence (the “MAC Factors”).
  • Understanding the wide array of leadership choices that are available to “match” employee MAC Factors.
  • Learning to select among appropriate leadership approaches based on employee needs.
  • Practicing application of appropriate leadership approaches to different individuals in a diverse organization.
  • Examining the differences between power and influence and understand the uses and benefits of each.

Let’s get YOUR Team going on The MAC Factors today!!!

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