Building & Leading Teams

Even the best functioning teams and team leaders find from time to time that they face challenges they need to overcome in order to succeed.

In this workshops, participants will gain the knowledge and skills needed to be outstanding team/group leaders.   

Using Bruce W. Tuckman’s Four Stages of Team Development, participants will also learn to bring their team/group to a higher level by confidently managing tasks and motivating members to be the best they can be – by being able to recognize where their team is and flexing to the most effective leadership style for that stage.  

In this highly experiential workshop, participants will learn explore Tuckman’s theory, examine their own personal experiences when they have been team members and team leaders.   Through high-impact individual and group exercises, participants will discover the “feel” of a team going through the stages of Tuckman’s model.

Participants will get theory and strategy and pick up “practical and tactical” techniques by:

  • Learning how to develop clear, common goals and priorities for teams they lead.
  • Defining team leader and member roles and responsibilities and how those roles change as the team develops.
  • Being able to apply collaborative problem-solving and decision-making techniques within the team.
  • Making effective use of various styles of leader and member behavior in the workplace.
  • Explaining as well as defining various leadership models, including Tuckman’s 4 Stages of Team Development.
  • Evaluating team/group performance at each stage of development and take appropriate actions to move their team to the next level.

So…   What are YOU waiting for?    

Start moving YOUR Team toward Performing today!

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