BIS-NES Simulation


In today’s “Continuous Whitewater” business environment, it often seems that we are constantly on the edge of chaos.   But today’s most successful business leaders will tell you that “That’s where the best stuff happens!”

Do you want to lead a TEAM that will…

  • Solve ANY Problem!
  • THRIVE on Chaos!
  • NEVER Give Up!

 …Well, StevTon can help!

bis-nes gridUsing original StevTon BIS-NES Simulations, YOUR TEAM will have invaluable business experienceswithout putting YOUR BUSINESS at risk.  

  • They will get the feel for “real, live-fire” situations that involve diffucult choices under pressing time constraints.  
  • They’ll experience interacting with colleagues under pressure and find ways to keep all that energy constructive.  
  • They’ll get the feel of failure – and experience how to learn from it!  
  • They’ll revel at the feeling of success!  

Choose from StevTon’s “off the shelf” BIS-NES Simulations (your most economical choice):

  • The Zero-Gravity BS Diffusion Simulation – Where a desperate situation in “space” causes a crisis that needs to be solved – quickly.   Perfect for two teams who need to work seamlessly and cohesively together.
  • The BIS-NES Air Simulation – Where team members work together to safely, economically and professionally fly a passenger airliner coast to coast – on-time. 
  • The Macro-Hard Simulation – Where team members get to experience the hard choices that executives must make when running the business of a large corporation.

Or work with Mike Peduto to design a BIS-NES Simulation customized for YOUR TEAM

Then, when they return to the job and face the real deal…

…it will be the “second time” they have faced that situation!

Call StevTon’s Mike Peduto today at (410) 987-2281 to get your TEAM engaged in one of these

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