Behavioral Style Preferences using DiSC

Every human being goes about life with preferences for the ways we interact with others.    Some of these preferences are “innate” (that is, “in our DNA” or “NATURE”) and others are a result of “imprinting” by the environment in which we grew up and live (“NURTURE”).   This workshop gives participants the opportunity to discover their own unique behavioral preferences using one of the world’s most widely used psychometric instruments, the DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile.    In addition to understanding their own preferences, participants will learn to “read” the preferences of others with whom they interact.   When we understand our own preferences and tendencies (self-awareness) and we are able to gauge the needs and preferences of others (social awareness), we are better able to FLEX our own behaviors to better manage interactions (through self-management) and, ultimately, the relationships (relationship management) we have with others.    This is all about gaining Emotional Intelligence – a trait most important in the effectiveness of every Leader!


Most all participants have found the DISC Personal Profile System to be very helpful. It enables them to:

  • Increase their appreciation of different work styles.
  • Adapt their personal work style to relate to the styles of others.
  • Create the motivational environment most conducive to their peoples’ success.
  • Understand how best to disagree with others while ensuring that conflicts are managed constructively.

DiSC is very useful to Leaders, Co-Workers and Customer Service employees

Sign up YOUR Team TODAY!!!   They’ll have a FUN and INSIGHTFUL experience that will provide lasting memories that will improve understanding and relationships back on the job!

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