Coaching & Feedback

Is performance lagging where you work?  

Time for a CHANGE!    Time to kick it up a knotch!  

This highly interactive workshop focuses on helping leaders get comfortable using day-to-day and informal Feedback and Coaching as powerful tools for improving the performance of their direct reports.     Using these tools can turn around poor performance as well as take good performance and make it great.    

In this workshop, participants have the opportunity to examine a number of critical issues to that will allow them to effectively give – and be receptive to – Feedback and Coaching.   

After gaining a strong understanding of the theory, participants will get several individual opportunities to practice the concepts and new-found skills in highly realistic simulations involving employee and supervisory situations that any leader is likely to face back on the job.   Highlights include:

  • Develop and practice skills to build rapport and trust with staff.
  • Understand and practice the appropriate use of Feedback in the workplace.
  • Comprehend the critical differences between Feedback and Coaching.
  • Learn tactics that allow them to move fluidly from Feedback to Coaching.
  • Develop and practice personal strategies to better deliver appropriate Feedback and Coaching in the workplace to achieve:
    • Motivating Peak Employee Performance
    • Modifying Unproductive Employee Behaviors
    • Creating Win-Win Conflict Resolutions
    • Using Empathy in Development Meetings
  • Discover new tools for use in planning and executing effective employee Coaching sessions

After participating in this workshop, your company’s leaders will have skill sets that allow them to be effective and comfortable, whether they are confronting performance issues or helping a good performer progress beyond the comfort zone. 

Before you know it, your company’s leaders will be coaching your STARS across the finish line, ahead of the competition every time!

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