Organization Development & Training

We all need to “sharpen” our skills on a regular basis…   And along the way, the “sharpest” individuals will stand out above the rest!

But we’ve all got work to do!  Who has the time?!

Recognizing that “Business is BUSY”, StevTon offers full-day or even half-day Standalone BUSINESS SKILL Development Workshops – both “off-the-shelf” and “uniquely customized” -in the following key areas of front-line leadership development:

Beyond these standalone offerings, StevTon can work with your business to develop and deliver a complete “Leadership Development Series” of multiple workshops uniquely suiting your Teams’ needs that, when conducted together over a period of several weeks, create wonderful intellectual connections and synergies – as well as just-in-time “practical tactics” for supervisors trying to get their hands around the job.    Looking to improve your business’s performance through stronger, more effective leadership on the front lines?    Then consider how StevTon’s proven Leadership Development Series can help your team reach that goal!  LEARN MORE

Intelligent people LEARN BY DOING.   That’s why Stevton’s BIS-NES Simulation Series is so effective!  Your Teams will be IMMERSED in a realistic simulation of a chaotic, stressful and critical business crisis.    From these “simulations” they’ll learn the taste and feel of crisis – before they need to face it in the real world!   They’ll be forced to make quality decisions with sometimes limited information.   You wouldn’t fly with a pilot that had never been in a simulator, would you?   Why would you trust your business to team members that hadn’t experienced a crisis simulation?     LEARN MORE

Wondering WHAT TO DO to make your next important Team Meeting turn into a high-energy and memorable EVENT?  Call StevTon!    We can lead the meeting to wherever you need it to go!    We’ll mix learning and discovery – both individual and team –  into a perfect blend that will leave your team with a collection of key “AH-HAs” that they’ll carry back to the workplace!  LEARN MORE

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