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Sometimes “Fixing the Job You’re In” is really “Fixing Yourself”

Sometimes “fixing” the Job you have is better than finding a new one.


Don’t forget…

The ONLY thing you have total control over changing is YOURSELF!

You may benefit by understanding “Who You Are”

AND…there are a few things that you’d like to be more comfortable with anyhow!

Maybe you just need some NEW Tools!

This often means developing a new set of professional – and personal – skills that allow you to:

  • Grow YOUR Emotional Intelligence
    • Enhance YOUR Self Awareness
    • Develop Self Management Strategies and Tactics
    • Better “read others” by gaining Social Awareness
    • Customize Relationship Management to each individual
  • Strengthen YOUR Communications skills – both speaking AND listening
  • Manage Conflict more constructively
  • Master effective Delegation and Follow-Up
  • Deliver useful Feedback and actionable Coaching
  • Juggle Multiple Priorities – without dropping a ball

Stevton has access to a myriad of trusted psychometric instruments that will help you better understand who you are and how you interact with others and your environment.

Stevton has amassed a wealth of personal tools and techniques with the proven ability to improve personal effectiveness in the workplace.

This better self understanding, along with these new tools and techniques, will allow you to then take action to intentionally manage your natural tendencies to ensure that “your best self” shows through when it matters most.

Your performance at work will improve and you’ll enjoy work more!

Even if you ultimately decide to move forward with a job change, you’ll go into the next phase of your career better equipped for long-term success in the workplace of the 21st century!

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