YOUR Job Search Steps

This is YOUR Search.

You’ll learn to do the heavy lifting and feel success of your efforts.

  • StevTon’s “Six-Step Plan” is a simple yet concrete approach to job search.   Once YOUR own job search goals are clarified in Step 1, then the methodical march to YOUR NEXT JOB begins.
  • In Step 2, we’ll help you determine the VALUE you will bring to your next employer.   First, you’ll identify those things you’ve demonstrated to past employers – your personal ACCOMPLISHMENTS.   Then you’ll focus on things like work experience, knowledge you have from education and training, skills you’ve learned and practiced and abilities you have.
  • In Step 3, using the “raw materials” developed in Step 2, you’ll create a Resume, develop and practice your “30-second Commercial” enlist and equip References – everything you’ll need for the search.
  • In Step 4, you’ll locate your “targets” – prospective employers who have jobs that fit your unique skill set and are places that you’d like to work.
  • In Step 5, you’ll engage your network.   Sure!   You have one!   And StevTon can help you cultivate and grow a stronger, healthier network for this search and for the long term.   Networking will include leveraging social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Finally, in Step 6, its “Show Time” and StevTon will help you prepare for and “ACE” the Interview.   When you get the Job Offer, we’ll help with negotiating strategies and tactics to help you “close the deal”, ending up with the best possible terms and conditions for YOUR NEW JOB.

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