Managing YOUR Career

What do you expect to think on your retirement day when you look back at YOUR Career?

Will it be what YOU wanted it to be?

Take control!   Make sure that it goes where YOU want it to go!  

Using Stevton’s Career Management Cycle ensures that you are closely engaged with guiding your career where you want it to go!

If you’ve ever used Stevton’s “Six-Step Plan” to find a job, you’ll quickly realize that is just a more “strategic” and “continuous” version of the same proven steps.   For example:

  • You’ll begin the cycle by evaluating and clarifying your career goals.
  • Next, you’ll identify your current VALUE, with special attention to any “Gaps” in experience, knowledge, skills or abilities, then plan and execute action steps to close these gaps.
  • Next, you’ll update your career materials, like your Resume, your “30-second Commercial” and your References so that they are ready to put into action at a moment’s notice.
  • Then, looking into the future, you’ll learn to locate and re-affirm the jobs, departments and/or companies you have in the sights of your plan.
  • You’ll learn skills to allow you to nurture the network that you have, and grow it to the network that you’ll need to reach your career goals.    You’ll learn to engage that ENHANCED NETWORK to collect valuable career intelligence and connect with the “movers and shakers” who can help make YOUR career plans become the career reality you’ve dreamed of.
  • You’ll understand why it’s so important to continuously monitor your progress, using the “SMART Goal” approach.
  • Then…  Do it again, with new or refined goals, always directing YOUR CAREER where YOU want it to go!

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