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Looking for a Job?    StevTon’s Owner and Founder, Mike Peduto, has years of experience COACHING Job Seekers.   Regardless of your need – victim of a downsizing, need a new job, re-entering the workforce – Mike will listen to YOUR needs, YOUR wants, YOUR goals and help you craft YOUR plan.   Whether you need a “tactical and practical” plan to get a new job quickly or a detailed strategic plan to find “THE Job”, Mike can help get you on track and keep you moving toward YOUR Goal!   That Six-Step Plan will start with clarifying YOUR Goals, then you’ll identify and inventory YOUR VALUE – your experience, knowledge, skills and abilities.   With this raw material, Mike will guide you through creating a Resume that gets YOU noticed.   You’ll discover how to locate potential target employers and engage the strength of YOUR Network in connecting with them.   Then you’ll move on to interview effectively, negotiate winning terms and conditions and close the deal on YOUR NEW JOB.   LEARN MORE

Federal Government on your Target List?   We can help you navigate this still-cumbersome process!      Stevton can guide you though preparing  everything you’ll need – from creating your profile on USA JOBS to Negotiating your Job offer.


Think that YOUR Job is the “worst on earth”?    Try these

Need to Manage YOUR Career?    Maybe you’re right out of school and want to chart a Career Course.   Maybe your career is drifting aimlessly and needs direction.   Maybe you’ve made the decision to change careers.  Mike Peduto has successfully coached numerous career professionals across a myriad of industries and helped them lay down a plan to take their career where they want it to go.    Discussions will start with what you like and dislike, what you are good at and what is more difficult for you.   You might take a psychometric instrument (like Myers-Briggs) to help identify things under the surface.  Based on your ideas and all this data, we’ll help you identify some potential career paths.  Then, using the proven Six-Stage Career Management Cycle you’ll embark on the journey through The Career YOU want.   LEARN MORE

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