StevTon offers services to Individuals and Teams

Career Coaching and Mentoring

Whether they have a job or, like so many, are being impacted personally by business downsizings, professionals at all levels need to be accountable for actively managing their careers.    The overwhelming problem is, most don’t know how!    StevTon can help – from cataloging knowledge, skills and abilities, to inventorying experience and accomplishments, to networking, to resume writing, to interviewing and finally negotiating job offers.   LEARN MORE

Developmental Coaching and Mentoring

Maybe you are a GOOD performer and you want to “kick it up a notch” to GREAT.   Maybe you are struggling with meeting basic job requirements.   Whichever the case – or for a myriad of other reasons – sometimes professionals need 1-on-1 help.    When the need arises, StevTon can help!   LEARN MORE

Organization Development and Training

Businesses wouldn’t think of sending Employees out to work without proper training and practice.

Leaders shouldn’t be treated any differently!   But many businesses “assume” that since they’ve just promoted their “best employee” that their newly-minted leader knows what to do.   A leader’s development must be guided, directed, nurtured and supported – or development stalls and performance of the entire team suffers.   That’s where StevTon comes in!   While we offer a wide variety of developmental workshops for leaders of all levels, StevTon’s focus is “where the rubber meets the road” – the Front-Line Supervisor and their Managers.     LEARN MORE

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