About Us

Mike Peduto

“The Idea Guy who gets things done…”

StevTon Consulting, LLC was founded in August, 2001. During the last 15 years, its founder and Managing Principal, C. M. Peduto, II (Mike), has worked with more than 650 individual Career Clients to get the job they want.

Mike’s high energy and enthusiasm about Job Search is contagious and his clients respond, driving their search to a higher level, ultimately landing the job they’ve been searching for in a much shorter time frame.

Mike utilizes his unique mix of more than 20 years experience as a Business Leader in the rapidly changing Telecommunications industry, his more than 15 years work as a Facilitator/Trainer in his role as an Organization Development Consultant, and his life-long love of the exciting possibilities of great Career Management, to help his clients develop broad-ranging skills that they will carry away and uses beyond the job they are looking for.

Additionally, Mike maintains a widespread network of professional contacts and affiliations that can be quickly engaged to give clients new connections to grow their own networks in most any industry.

StevTon’s Career Coaching Philosophy

Job Search – and ongoing Career Management – are intensely personal and there is no single perfect solution for everyone.   By focusing on the individual’s needs, likes and dislikes, and exposing them to a wide selection of job search tools and techniques, everyone can land the job they want sooner.  

Going forward, StevTon clients are better able to confidently manage their own career more actively with coherent goals and the tools, techniques and know-how to better traverse the path toward those goals!

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