Strengths Pushed Too Far!!!

Strengths - Inverted-UAt our recent (January) Networking @ the Narrows gathering, we had a broad-based discussion about the potential impacts of “Overusing Our Strengths”…


We used the “Inverted U” diagram to demonstrate how this might happen, using a Strength – “Attention to Detail” – might, with too much use, become “Perfectionism” and pushed further yet might go completely “over the top” to become “Analysis Paralysis”…


Today, I read a very short – but insightful – article with support for the “Inverted-U” concept, using 5 other Strengths that can become liabilities when overused…

  •  Confidence
  • Teams
  • Vision
  • Delegation
  • Determination

Like many other things in life…   EVERYTHING IN MODERATION”

Here’s a link to the full article…   It’s worth a read!!!



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