Almost all professionals are good at managing their JOB…   But it’s not just about the job you are in, its about your CAREER!   It’s a Marathon – not a sprint!   In today’s world, you need to be in charge of YOUR CAREER!

Many successful professionals have gotten there by working to improve their professional identity, their “BRAND“, with the goal of continuous career improvement.   You’ll be able to show employers the full value you bring – not just the “tip of your iceberg!”   It will take some work, along with an “always on” mentality about opportunities.

What StevTon Can Do For You

StevTon Consulting believes that managing one’s career is a personal responsibility.  In today’s workplace, if you don’t, your boss, the company – nobody – will!

This philosophy brings about individual focus on  professional growth – along with personal accountability for taking the actions necessary – to move your career to the next (and next, and next) level.

StevTon Consulting is about helping Professionals LIKE YOU reach the next level – by improving the way you intentionally drive your own career forward.

We do this by helping you identify “who you are”, your personal knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as your likes and dislikes, then develop a resume that will draw attention.  You’ll become comfortable talking about the value you bring to business and engage – then grow – your professional network in your search for your next job.  You’ll become more effective during interviews and more confident negotiating offers.   After finding that next rung on your career ladder, you’ll go on your way with all these new skills -and confidence – you need to manage your career so that you ultimately finish that Marathon – and “Enjoy the Ride” along the way!

Why not get started today? Let StevTon help you to the top of your game! Contact us today.

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